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  • We are Living with Hemophilia.

    This site is for anyone whose life is touched by hemophilia. Whether you’re a patient, parent, friend or teacher, get the information you need to support you on the journey ahead.

    Learn more about hemophilia
  • “What does my future look like?”

    People with hemophilia can look forward to long and healthy lives. But with increasing age comes an increased risk for certain health conditions. Learn more about age-related issues, and find ways to help you manage them.

    Learn more about age-related issues
  • “Can my kid still be a kid?”

    If you have a child with hemophilia, you may be worried to let them play and just ‘be a kid.’ While there will be challenges ahead, know that with the right preparation, it is possible for your child to be active, socialize and thrive.

    Learn more about caring for a child
  • “It runs in my family – will my child have it too?”

    Hemophilia is a genetic condition that is usually passed from one generation to the next – but not always. Knowing how hemophilia is inherited can better inform and prepare you.

    Learn more about the genetics of hemophilia
  • “When I’m not there, will others know what to do?”

    If you care for someone with hemophilia, or have a loved one in school or daycare, it’s important to learn how to create a safe, positive and supportive environment.

    Learn more about providing support
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At which stage are you Living with Hemophilia?

What is hemophilia?

Hemophilia is a genetic (inherited) disorder in which a person’s blood cannot clot properly because it is missing, or has too little, clotting factors.

Learn more about hemophilia

How is hemophilia treated?

While there is not yet a cure for hemophilia, it can be effectively managed. Factor replacement therapy is commonly used to treat and prevent bleeds along with safe lifestyle choices. Other medications may also be an option for some patients.

Learn more about managing hemophilia

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