Living with Hemophilia is a website created for the people whose lives are touched by hemophilia, whether patients and their families, healthcare providers, friends, or other members of the support community.

You'll find accurate, comprehensive information about hemophilia: the condition itself, how it affects patients, treatment approaches, as well as strategies and practical tips for living a healthy, fulfilling life.

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  • For Patients

    Patients are at the core of this website's mission. Starting with teenagers, moving on to young
    , and all the way through the adult years,
    find information and guidance to help make smarter,
    healthier choices.

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  • For Parents & Family

    People with hemophilia depend greatly on the
    support of parents and family. This site can help you
    build the knowledge and confidence to better
    support the infants, children, and teens they love.

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  • For the Support Community

    Teachers and daycare workers, colleagues and
    teammates, friends and neighbours make up an
    important support community. The more you learn
    about hemophilia, the more you can help enrich the
    lives of those affected by the disorder.

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